Problems We Help You With

Solutions We Guide You To


Planit Financial provides a direct path to retirement plan success by guiding our sponsors to solutions first, making your retirement plan a more valuable employee benefit.

Planit Financial proactively gives information and guidance on the below.


Risk to Company & Fiduciaries

What is our overall risk to the Company and us Personally?  Should we be more proactive in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities?  How?

Participant Results

Are our employees having a good financial and emotional experience to actually make this a valuable employee benefit?  

Are we meeting our plan goals for our participants?  Do we even have stated plan goals for our participants?

Plan Value

Investments?  Fees?  Participants?  Fiduciary?  Goals?  Results?  Services?  Websites?  Vendors?

How can we know that we are offering a competitive benefit in all plan fee areas?

Advisor Expertise

Do you want an advisor who understands the needs of your company and employees, and has the expertise to guide your plan with best practices to achieve those needs?