Planit onstage at the LWHRA Employee Financial Wellbeing Panel

I am looking forward to joining industry greats Walt Winter and Paul Grutzner discussing employee financial wellbeing and its impact on both employees and employers.  

Link here to LWHRA event

Speaker Name: Walt Winter, Keith Mayfield, Paul Grutzner 

Presentation Name: Employee Financial Wellbeing Panel

Presentation Summary and Takeaways:
Our April chapter meeting will feature a panel discussion on Employee Financial Wellbeing, comprising three local experts in the field. The session aims to address the critical importance of financial wellness programs in the workplace and provide insights into how organizations can support their employees' financial health. Each expert will share their perspectives, strategies, and best practices for promoting financial wellbeing among employees, ultimately contributing to a more engaged, productive, and satisfied workforce.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Highlight the significance of financial wellness for overall employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

  • Discuss practical strategies for implementing financial wellbeing programs (including key benefits and 401k) tailored to the needs of employees.

  • Share examples of successful communication strategies used by organizations to raise awareness and drive employee engagement of financial programs.

  • Discuss how investing in employee financial wellbeing aligns with organizational goals and values.

  • Provide insights into the unique financial challenges faced by employees in the local community and Northwest business landscape.

HR Domain: Employee Wellbeing/HR Strategy